Centerprism Solutions ERP
Centerprism Order Management Solution ERP

Order Management

Our Order Management solution through the Centerprism ERP includes eCommerce, order entry, and warehouse management. To increase your company’s profits you need a full-spectrum ERP with all of your critical information and analysis at your fingertips. Allow your team to optimize their workflow and make better decisions with our solutions.

Centerprism Sales Management Solution ERP

Sales Management

Centerprism is a comprehensive ERP solution for our customers throughout the distribution, rental supply, and consumer wholesale industries. We have a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, commissions, and AR Collections features.

Centerprism Inventory Management Solution ERP

Inventory Management

The features included in our Inventory Management solution include forecasting, catalog management, kits and assemblies, and alternatives and equivalents. Our solution is comprehensive which allows your business to easily accommodate your company and customer’s real-time needs.

Centerprism Pricing Management Solution ERP

Pricing Management

Promotional campaigns, vendor cost updating, rebates, contract management, and price memorization are all included features of our pricing management solution. These critical pricing management features are a must have for any Microsoft Dynamics GP user or industrial distribution company.

Centerprism Mobility Solution ERP


Centerprism features an Instant Native Mobile App, Mobile Key Advisor, Mobile CRM, and Mobile Intelligent Push for all of our customers and yours. Run your business and contact your customers from anywhere you are and anywhere they are in the world. Having a mobile business keeps you moving forward.

Centerprism Mobility Solution ERP

Financial Management

Centerprism helps address the critical financial management operations of your company that you nee to be more profitable year-over-year. We cover operations with PrismView™ and PrismSummaries™, reporting with Report Wizard and custom web report portals, analysis using FieldChooser™ and GroupBy™, and allows you to set up critical notifications with our alerts feature.

Contact us to discover the difference with a complete ERP solution built for the distribution Industry.

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