As a Full Spectrum ERP solution, Centerprism addresses Order Management operations with the critical information and analysis required to increase your profits. With the Centerprism ERP, your business easily accommodates order entry requirements while encompassing extended sales & service needs such as tool repair, jobs, service contracts, or rental. Additionally, transactions entered in-house can be viewed online using the Customer Portal in Centerprism’s E-Commerce solution. Team members will have immediate access to key details about customers, inventory, sales history & purchase history and vendors, enabling them to make better decisions to optimize order work-flow and fulfillment.

Prism™ Order Entry

Centerprism’s Order Entry screen has navigation tools to drill down or display virtually anything related to customer sales history, item availability, or vendor detail. Multiple sales transactions can be worked on simultaneously. The user can transition in and out of transactions with an easy navigation bar. Extended order information such as data sheets, Hazmat information, jobs, services milestones, or customer user-defined fields can be entered and tracked. Order entry is integrated to the CRM allowing the user to add notes or schedule activities or service calls on the fly.

  • Single order entry screen; access to everywhere. 
  • Integration to Field service and CRM modules.
  • Display and manage multiple transactions simultaneously.
  • Fifteen (15) Access Tabs auto display below for extended item, order, pricing, purchasing and vendor information as well as bins, lots, serial #s, BOM, Assembly, Kits or other special references.
  • Order Entry Screen with custom FieldChooser™
  • Store & retrieve images, data sheets, and shipping tracking numbers.
  • Slide among multiple OE screens or from other modules with the navigation bar.
  • Manage non-stock and special orders with an integrated item catalog.
  • Freight, Margin, Special Fee & pricing tools are available to increase and advance sales.
  • Suggested item popup includes: Alternatives, equivalents, Complementary Parts & Cores alerts.

PrismView™ Sales History

Centerprism’s Customer Sales Activity Screen (PrismView™ Sales History) enables the user to see all transactions for any date range at the item detail level for any or all customers. Open & historic sales transactions can be combined. The PrismView™ technology allows any column in the grid to be grouped. The PrismGroup™ functionality allows for unlimited groups and subgroups using any column such as item class, date, customer etc. Item records are color coded to identify unique items such as Catalog item, Kits, Non-inventory, or Category items. Advanced filtering tools for each column with ability to change search attributes on the fly.

  • Drill down to order sales detail on any item.
  • Filter or Group any single column or multiple columns simultaneously.
  • Integrating Job Costing.
  • Date, Time & User stamp each update made to an order transaction.
  • Link Order, Quote, Invoice & Back order to a master number.
  • Batch Email transactions.
  • Modify grid for custom display by column. Add or delete field columns using the Field Chooser™
  • Select any combination or Quote, Order, Invoice, Return, Back Order, Fulfillment Order, Open or Historic transaction to search history.
  • Open multiple PrismViews™ at one time for side-by-side comparisons.

Interactive Sales Advisor™

Centerprism’s Interactive Sales Advisor™ is a stack ranked sales history that can be displayed during order entry with one click. Whether you’re building an invoice, quote or order, the Interactive Sales Advisor will display a customer best seller list which can be used to insert items into a new order directly from the grid. The Advisor is a customer service tool and a way to increase your average sales transaction size. Orders can be built more quickly and accurately as items entered come directly from a customer sales history.

  • Ranks items from highest amount of transactions to the lowest.
  • Displays transaction count next to each item.
  • Can expand view to show each item’s transaction date along quantity sold, current price, transaction price, and extended price.
  • A single search can combine Quote, Order, Invoice, Return, Back Order, Fulfillment Order transactions.
  • Filter by catalog, category, non-inventory, or kit items.
  • Choose a date range to search further back into history.
  • Easy ‘Add to Order’ button inserts all selected items simultaneously.

 Specialty Sales

Centerprism supports an expanded sales footprint for specialty sales such as tool repair, service, jobs, rental, or custom products. Centerprism’s Order Entry screen permits adding user-defined fields and grids to allow users to track unique transactions. The integrated CRM supports service type transactions with the ability to create notes, activities or service calls. Service calls have an automatic ticketing system.

  • Create unique order types to differentiate different lines of business.
  • Integrate service or specialty sales transactions using the same order entry screen to reduce training time and user adaptability
  • Build drop down lists to track such things as repair milestones that will tag orders at different stages of a process.
  • Service stages automatically integrate with order searches for easy service management.
  • Dispatch & CRM are accessible from Order Entry to support service sales.
  • Job or Service Contract screens can be accessed to assign jobs and/or service contracts.
  • Built-in Custom Product Configurator.
  • Built-in Order Import tool enables 3rd party applications to be integrated to Centerprism Order Entry.


Gartner research indicated that over 50% of all sales were made from a web store in 2015. Centerprism provides eCommerce capabilities give you the opportunity to better capture these significant revenue sources.

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