Marty Machnik

PrismView is like Excel on steroids. I can't believe what an amazing tool it is. I can't wait to start using it in our organization

Gina Bardol

All of the staff and especially Michael H. the owner are so amazing and helpful. They are always open to any suggestions and are quick to implement enhancements and changes as needed or wanted.

Steve Priess

Great software for a broad range of business applications. The program can be customized to your needs as well as specialized modules for your company.

Ginny Russell

Your company has saved me a ton of time looking up PO invoices. PrismView is way easier than using Smartlist in GP.

Jason Butler

I just was shown how to email invoices in Centerrprism. I can't believe how easy this is compared to my old software. We are getting a lot of new features with Centeprism

Visions Enterprises

I have a small business and wear lots of hats, so I have to depend on easy reliable and efficient business solutions. I highly recommend Centerprism"s CRM software. It is 5 stars in my opinion!

Joanna NewStandardSolutions

I was impressed with Centerprism, PrismView next generation better than Excel ERP Solution for data management. I Signed up and now in the learning curve but can can already see how much better it is and how it will save me time and frustration! They are knowledgeable and have been really helpful as I am learning to use this new software.