As a comprehensive ERP solution, Centerprism fully addresses Purchasing Management with a comprehensive inventory Purchasing solution. Centerprism Purchasing Management allows the distributor to maintain sufficient item quantities to meet customer demand yet eliminate overstock, and optimize purchase procedures to reduce cost. This is accomplished by using the Centerprism Demand Forecaster, Purchase Plan Configurator, Order Point Calculator, and Purchase Advisor. Additionally, the PrismReq™ purchasing requisition tool allows users to take advantage of vendor discounts and special offers by building a shopping list that alerts the user to the best time to buy.

Purchase Plan Configurator

Maintaining high customer service levels while keeping item stocking costs low requires proper inventory planning. Centerprism Purchase Plan Configurator enables users to achieve optimized stock levels through the creation of custom plans matching the sales activity and the vendor requirements of each item. This is accomplished through controls which allow order points, vendor requirements, and other factors to be continually updated based on historical sales activity. Plans are built and assigned to items and then set to run on a schedule to update Purchase Advisor.

  • Multiple plans and plan types: Purchasing plans can be built and assigned to different item types based on different inventory purchasing models such as EOQ, Upto, FOC, FOQ, Variable order quantity or period.
  • Custom define calculating periods.
  • Weeks of supply or ranking can be built into the equation of the Purchasing Plan.
  • Vendor Lead Time, Safety stock , Frequency, eetc. are user-defined options.
  • Vendor Lead time is automatically calculated and available to plan equation. 
  • PrismView™ Grouping and financial analysis.

Order Point Calculator 

Centerprism’s Order Point Calculator is a global utility for changing an item’s Purchase Order Planning Fields, such as order points. Key planning fields can be changed as a straight value (manual), percentage of last value (up or down), or using a pre-determined Purchasing Plan. User may select ranges of items to be calculated, get a preview of the new calculated values, then submit these values to update the item record.

  • Search filter by: Item #, Site ID, Buyer ID, Vendor ID, Category, Category, Class ID, and Plan.’Order Point (OP) Filters’ – ‘only non-zero OP’, ‘only Zero OP’, or ‘Kits’.
  • Calculate and Preview before update.
  • Change multiple fields simultaneously: Order Policy, Fixed Order Qty, Order Point, Order Upto, # of Days, EOQ, etc.
  • Change multiple item SITE IDs simultaneously.
  • Change History: a history or changes in key fields is tracked. History screen displays Last Value, User, Source of Change, and Method.
  • Inventory Demand Monitoring System allows for user-defined tracking policies.
  • Purchase Planning Scheduler with Alerts will auto-update fields.

Purchase Advisor

The Centerprism Purchase Advisor assists in purchase planning by suggesting purchase orders that need to be placed to meet current demand and inventory requirements. The Purchase Plan Configurator and Order Point Calculator functions provide historical sales data to the PO Advisor. The data is used in conjunction with current Order Entry  quantity needs such as customer back orders, and accounts for Vendor requirements in order to minimize PO costs. The user can override PO suggestions through item selection or by modifying automatically. Other features include:

  • Filter Back Orders only function.
  • Adjust Quantity to auto-align with Vendor Minimum or by a percentage.
  • Extended Required Quantity screen that presents Order Point Calculation detail.
  • Calculate weeks of supply on the fly. 


Take advantage of Vendor special pricing and promotional offers using Centerprism PrismReq™. PrismReq™  is a Purchase Order Requisition Tool which enables users to build a multi-vendor shopping list of inventory times that need to be purchased, by monitoring the dollars or quantity amounts required by the vendor. Once the requirements are met, users can create a PO for that grouping by selecting those items he/she wishes to purchase. Requirements for each vendor, such as minimum quantity or dollars are continuously tracked against the inventory list and the user is alerted when the requirement is achieved.

  • Track Multiple Vendors simultaneously.
  • Vendor Requirements visible on screen: Order Minimum Dollars, Freight Minimum Dollars, and Order Minimum Quantity.
  • PrismView™ Grouping and financial analysis.
  • Add items to PrismReq™ from Order Entry.
  • Create PO on the fly.

Vendor Cost Update Tool

Upload vendor cost updates using electronic files distributed from vendors. The Vendor Cost update Tool updates pricing fields such as list price and cost as well as related item information fields. Features Include: Built-In Mapping Tool that maps vendor item # to your item #; Preview screen showing updated price/cost prior to import; Recalculate Price Tool for those prices whic hare calculated from vendor cost; Ability to set a future date for prices to update. An ‘Undo’ button allows price changes to be rolled back and price history to be stored in the Item Maintenance screen.

Having a CRM built into your ERP system can mean up to a 34% improvement in fulfillment rates related to order processing labor efficiencies.

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