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Centerprism is a full-spectrum ERP solution for small to midsize industrial distributors, the Microsoft Dynamics GP community, rental supply companies, and the consumer wholesale industry. Our prospective clients’ operations are broken and they are attempting to piece it all together with multiple software solutions. Centerprism is the all-in-one solution you’ve been looking for that puts your order management, sales management, inventory management, pricing management, and mobility all in one place.

Centerprism ERP User Survey

Industrial Distributors

HVAC, Plumbing, Hydraulics, Electrical, and Tool & Fasteners along with many other industrial distribution companies will benefit from taking a closer look at Centerprism as their full-service ERP solution.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

As we like to say, #MicrosoftCalledUs. Centerprism is the only comprehensive package to convert a base Microsoft Dynamics GP platform into a Full Spectrum ERP.

Consumer Wholesale

In Consumer Wholesale you manage a large amount of inventory, and Centerprism is the inventory management system that you need along with supply chain management and warehouse management.

Rental Supply

Tracking every piece of your equipment is essential to a successful rental supply company and Centerprism is designed to help you manage your inventory more efficiently. We can help with warehouse management, inventory management, and even be your eCommerce business center.

Learn the 20 reasons why #MicrosoftCalledUs by joining our 20 minute webinar.
Microsoft GP Webinar

We will discuss how the complete Centerprism software solution solves specific challenges for the small to mid-size distributor.

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