As a Full Spectrum ERP solution, Centerprism fully addresses Financial Management operations with all the critical information required to increase your profits and grow your business. using the Centerprism ERP, you can easily accommodate all aspects of financial operations while providing real-time GAAP certified reporting and data analysis. Your team members have immediate access to key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide insight into fiscal trends, comparative analytics, and an overall picture as to the health of your business.


Centerprism provides a fresh, redesigned interface over Microsoft Dynamics GP, a GAAP certified, double-entry accounting program used by more than 50,000 businesses worldwide. Centerprism’s unique overlay allows users easy access to transactional, financial information using modern navigation tools. Centerprism’s PrismView™ and PrismSummaries™ analysis, alerts, and tighter integration into maintenance screens allows each team member quick access to critical information.

  • AR: Company-wide PrismView™ transactional summary analysis with Dynamic drill-down functionality
  • Access to PrismView™ transactional summary at customer card.
  • AP: PrismView™ transactional summary at vendor card. Combined Payable Type summary analysis.
  • Bank Reconciliation: auto post AR, AP, and/or GL transactions to bank accounts.
  • Fixed Assets: integrated to Order Entry.
  • General Ledger: PrismView™ and PrismSummaries™ analysis for transactional and period summaries. Real-time or batch posting options by module.
  • Biometric Time Clock Integrated with Payroll.

Reporting | Dashboard

Reporting: An integrated, easy-to-use custom report writer called SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) is built into each Centerprism module. SSRS integrates with Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, and other formats. Hundreds of report templates are provided by Centerprism along with a quick launch tool.  The need for a 3rd party reporting program for financial or accounting reports is virtually eliminated.

PrimDashboardExecutive multi-tab dashboards give stakeholders multiple overviews in key areas such as: financial, sales, inventory, CRM, and services. A filtering tool allows users to quickly view different date ranges and side-by-side comparisons. Hyperlink virtually any value to a PrismView.

  • Report Builder includes over 100 reports.
  • Graphs or KPIs are easily constructed for SSRS reports
  • Provide management a consolidated view of the business with status of key areas by attaching graphs for KPIs to Centerprism dashboard.
  • Modernize Order Entry forms with graphics.
  • Better integration to MS Outlook for email.
  • Create a Web Report Portal for management. PrismViews launched from the Dashboard auto filter to the date ranges selected in the Dashboard date filter.


Centerprism PrismView™ is a real-time screen viewing tool that uses advanced technology to present dynamic views of data associated with financials. It’s flexible, easy-to-use navigation grid, GroupBy™ drag-in functionality, and instant access to data virtually eliminate the need to use Excel pivot tables, 3rd party analysis tools, or the inherit ad-hoc query tool found in GP.

  • Side-by-side simultaneous multiple data views of the same data table or card record.
  • PrismGroup™: instant multi-hierarchal grouping of any field or column
  • FieldChooser™: drag and drop any field to add to a column to a data grid
  • PrismFilter™: superior performance when editing, sorting, filtering, grouping, and showing hierarchal data relationships in table format
  • PrismSummaries™: instantly sum, count, and show financial calculations for each group and sub-group
  • Excel export and enhanced filtering. PrismEdit™: mass data edit and update. Dynamic Drill Down™: PrismView™ attributes are built into data drill down screens.


Centerprism Alerts will send you critical notifications to each of your stakeholders. Since each alert is integrated into the other modules, virtually any critical  change(s) in business conditions will be known in time for management to make well-informed decisions.

  • Setup automated alerts based on custom business conditions.
  • Configure alerts to work with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Configure alerts to be sent as push notifications to mobile devices.
  • Track a history of alerts in a screen history record view.

Studies report that the #1 reason businesses fail is due to poor or inaccurate financial information.     GP is ranked as one of the top Accounting packages according to the latest PC Reviews.

Prism Reports™

Balance Sheets, Income Statements. Centerprism Custom Reporting Tool that directly connects to your GP SQL database and PrismView™ – Drill down to data lists for analysis.

In a fraction of the time and costs, create Financial Statements, Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flow Reports using the Centerprism Custom Reporting Tool that directly connects to your GP SQL database. Add Indicators to show trends in numbers.


Drill down to data and connect to Prism BI Dashboard financial reports include drill downs to data grid allowing you to GROUP BY, SUMMARIZE, or ADD COLUMNS instantly.


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