As a full Spectrum ERP solution, Centerprism addresses manufacturing with a straight-forward, easy-to-use, customizable discrete manufacturing solution for small business. Centerprism Manufacturing comes complete with all the tools you need to manage, track, and monitor a complete production process from raw materials to finished products. The main features of this module include: Work in Progress (WIP) Quality Management, Create Customer Production Stages, Planning & Scheduling Management, full Build-of-Materials (BOM) Product Monitoring, and Improved delivery of Finished Goods. Centerprism Manufacturing is fully integrated to a suite of ERP modules to support your production process including Inventory Management Purchasing & Vendor Management, Wireless Warehouse, Order Entry, Field Service, Mobility, and a full suite of financial modueles including A/R, A/P, G/L, Bank Reconciliation, and Payroll built on Microsoft Dynamics GP, a world-class GAAP certified, SOX compliant double-entry financial solution.

Prism Group

Work In Progress Quality Management 

Centerprism provides an on-line, real time, customizable view (PrismView™) of all BOM inventory components that are in Works in Progress (WIP) Dashboard, which are components that are in production that have no yet been released to inventory. Within the WIP dashboard (PrismView™), BOM Assemblies can be filtered or grouped by Component Item, Site ID, BOM, Production Stage, Assembly Doc #, Status (Released or Not Released, Started Date, Completed Date, or Class ID. WIP tracking is updated instantly as assemblies are completed and released to finished goods. Assemblies can be tracked and categorized by batches, assembly Doc # or custom Production Stages.

  • Instant WIP – view of all unreleased BOM components
  • Filtering and group navigation (PrismView™ functionality) 
  • Product Assemblies track simultaneously by both Assembly Doc # or Batch ID #
  • Create Custom Production Stages
  • Auto Calculate financial summaries by Stock Quantity or Assembly Quantity
  • Create customer views with FieldChooser™
  • Assembly Inquiry Drill down

Create Custom Production Stages

Centerprism provides the ability to create, for each BOM, a custom set of Production Stages to track each step of the manufacturing production process. Created Production Stages can be assigned to multiple BOMs. A Stage Setup Screen provides managers the ability to make adjustments to each BOM production process, resort the production order, or change the estimated Planned Time in each stage. Stages can easily be added or removed and the steps in the queue can be resorted. The Production Status Dashboard, where BOM production progress monitored, is automatically updated with production stage additions or changes. 

  • Track production by custom stages 
  • Filtering and group navigation (PrismView™ functionality) 
  •  Product Assemblies track by Assembly Doc # or Batch ID # or both.
  • Create Custom Production Stages 
  • Auto Calculate financial summaries by Stock Quantity or Assembly Quantity 
  • Create customer views with FieldChooser™ 
  • Capture Planned Stage Completion Time

Planning & Scheduling Management

Centerprism provides a Product Status Dashboard that gives and up-to-date production status on all BOM products as they move through the line. As each BOM enters or leaves each stage within the Production Status Dashboard, all BOM production is monitored as materials enter or leave each step of your production process with a date, time, and user stamp. Idle time between stages is also accounted for. Production process updates can be updated at the job floor is overriden within the dashboard. Planned Completion Time are compared to Actual Completion Times and production is monitored for abnormalities and alerts are given.

  • Preventative Maintenance – reduce the changes for failures and ensure quality through alerts 
  • Streamline Operations – reduce downtime and manage quality issues with pre-setup completion times 
  • Quality performance reporting 
  • Filtering and group navigation (PrismView™ functionality) 
  • Barcode badge for mobile Job Floor processing 
  • Create customer views with FieldChooser™ 


Bill of Material Product Monitoring

Centerprism is able to provide a BOM (Bill of Material) monitoring tool that lets production managers manage and monitor all aspects of BOM Assemblies as parts are being made and applied to production, all from a single dashboard view (using PrismView™ functionality). Users can easily edit any BOM on the fly, add or remove components, change pricing, or reassign, or drill down to see existing assemblies in production (both released and unreleased). The dashboard allows for filering or grouping BOM’s by a host of fields including: Order Status, Stock Method, Effective Date, Obsolete Date, and Standard Cost. A Host of Production Reports are available.

  • Create BOM assemblies on the fly – store and retrieve in item inventory
  • Sell or Assemble Components – BOM components can be both sold from inventory or be part of an assembly
  • Tree View – View BOM components visually in a “tree” format   
  • Product Assembly Drill down – filter by new, released or not released   
  • Design and Stock quantities – both are stored and tracked for each BOM   
  • BOM Components information is visible in Order Entry   
  • Scape material is tracked   
  • Unlimited Sub-assembles can be created

Improved Delivery of Finished Goods

Centerprism is able to improve on-time delivery of Finished Goods because Centerprism has the ability to assign customer jobs to BOM assemblies. A Job/BOM Status Dashboard view (using PrismView™ functionality) integrates customer delivery requirements with the production status of those BOMs assigned to that customer. As a result, managers can make changes to the production schedule for a particular BOM to ensure customer delivery expectations are met. Additionally, the dashboard allows for filtering or grouping of BOM’s by a host of fields including: Customer, Job Name, BOM, Doc Type, Salesperson, Job Date, or Technician to name a few. Custom BOM status views can be created on the fly.   

  • Total integration to Order Entry with Assembly status BOM component visibility   
  • Unlimited Jobs can be assigned to a customer   
  • Unlimited BOM assemblies can be assigned to a job   
  • Integrated Salesperson commission plans   
  • Service Contacts Plan can be assigned   
  • Wireless Waerhouse Integrated Module   
  • Field Service Integrated Module

Centerprism delivers a low cost, fully integrated software package dedicated to reducing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) complexities for the small to mid-size business. This all-in-one product replaces multiple software solutions often cobbled together to accomplish the same business objectives. 

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