Sales Management ERP solution

As a comprehensive ERP solution, Centerprism fully addresses E-Commerce with a turn-key online store and customer portal that is fully integrated with other ERP modules such as Inventory, Customer, and Order Entry. The Centerprism advantage to you is that item updates and price changes are instantly reflected online without any database synchronization.  Further, orders placed in the web store can be immediately retrieved.  The mobile friendly E-commerce solution has a complete set of configuration tools to customer category pages, landing pages or build banners or add graphics to a landing page. 

sales management crm tool

Build your own customized online shopping catalog using existing items in your ERP database without any data migration or synchronization.  Allow your customers to shop 24/7, build and save shopping carts, and place orders that automatically update your back end ERP order history file.


  • Ability to create custom navigation
  • Unlimited user-defined categories and sub categories 
  • Add Meta Data Tags for technical item specifications
  • Ability to change or add images to items 
  • Customer specific logs to assign different prices by customer 
  • Options to show QOH quantities or “available/unavailable”, or “always available” status 
  • Support both term and credit card payment forms
  • PCI compliant credit card processing
  • Integrate to most shipping methods
  • Shopping Cart Status Alert
  • Automatic Order Acknowledgment
  • Personalized invoices
  • Build category, sub category, and item information pages
sales management commissions tool

Allow your customers to review order status and history without typing up your salesperson’s time through their own personalized dashboard.  Allow customers the ability to manage their online account by creating multiple users or ship-tos, as well as manage their password. 


  • Personalized Login: displays contact name of the customer at top of a landing page for easy access to dashboard
  • Self Service Administration: customers can manage their account options, and user access and credentials
  • Order Status: an order status section displays a list of recent orders with respective shipping status as follows: processing, shipped, back-ordered, or canceled
  • Order History: a list of orders can be retrieved with line item detail
  • Reprint Invoices: display and reprint invoices as needed
  • Return Status History Section
  • Display Recent Orders
  • Display  Best Selling Items Address Book: for creating and managing multiple ship-tos 
  • RMA Status Section Fulfillment Status Section
Accounts Receivable Collection Management

Easily update website page content with the Centerprism HTML Editor.  No need for a technical expert as users can create Rich Content using the HTML Editor that provides an easy word like editor tool that automatically converts content to HTML format for use on the website.  Users have a variety of formatting tools at their fingertips to give unique look and feel for each and every page or information header. HTML Editor is available for each category page, content page, or item record.

  • Wide array of text format tools including: color, size, font, style, and paragraph formatting
  • Insert images, web links Fonts, flash/wmv videos, other HTML tables, and more
  • Wide Array of Colors
  • HTML “wysiwyg” Preview Screen
  • SAVE button auto updates website in real time



Accounts Receivable Collection Management

Users can customize their own website using a full suite of design tools for creating unique themes, colors, images or navigation for Centerprism E-Commerce. A list of such editor/management tools includes as follows:


  • Site or Landing Page
  • Content Pages
  • Category Pages 
  • Banners Management 
  • Image Scroll Bar 
  • Custom Invoice Display 
  • Google Analytics Integration 
  • Meta Data Tags 
  • Keywords for Item, Page, or Site 
  • Parent/Child Category Page Assignment
  • Terms and Credit Card Payment Options 
  • Assign Users 
  • Featured Item Section
  • Manufacturer Search configurator

Having a CRM built into your ERP system can mean up to a 34% improvement in fulfillment rates related to order processing labor efficiencies.

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