As a comprehensive ERP solution, Centerprism fully addresses Order Management operations with all the critical information and analysis required to increase your profits. Using the Centerprism ERP, your business can easily accommodate order entry requirements while adapting to needs for eCommerce with real-time inventory and warehouse management capabilities. Your team members have immediate access to key details about customers, items, sales history and vendors, which allows them to make better decisions that optimize order work-flow and fulfillment.


This is functionality centered around temporary pricing events or campaigns where products are discounted. Campaigns are named, assigned a group or collection of products, and assigned a start and stop date.

Promotional Campaign Features:

  • Campaigns can be created in advance and can be quickly built using item filtering tools by item number range, class, vendor, or catalog
  • Campaigns assigned to be held in the future can enact an alert at order entry warning of a future price increase or decrease
  • Campaigns are archived and stored in a reference table and can be reused in the future and are tagged on whether active, inactive or pending
  • Price calculations can be based on a percentage or dollar amount and use current or standard cost
  • There are six price calculation methods: manual, margin, markup, a discount from list, cost-plus or matrix
  • Promotion plan pricing can be disabled for certain customers based on conflicting other plans such as contract pricing plans


This Centerprism functionality allows our Users to set up price contracts that would be assigned to customers in order that customers with such plans get special prices at Order Entry. Contract pricing is designed to be a unique collection of products with special discounted prices for a unique set of customers.

Contract Management Features:

  • Multiple plans can be assigned to the same customer
  • Multiple customers can be assigned to the same plan
  • Plans can be created by using such parameters as item ranges, classes, vendor ranges, and other plans
  • Plans can be copied to other plans.
  • Other price conventions can be omitted for customers who have been assigned a price plan


This type of pricing plan enables a company to offer unique and competitive pricing programs that allow for a delayed discount that is directly applied to an item which is called a “rebate.” Rebate plans can be custom tailored to individual customers or groups of customers. Rebates can contain items, a class of items, or item vendors. Rebates can also be tied to campaigns.

Rebates Features:

  • Build Unlimited Campaigns
  • Re-use Former Campaigns
  • Campaign History Log
  • Campaign Manager
  • Promotional Campaigns


This functionality captures incidences when a price for an item is overridden for another price at order entry. For each occurrence, the SPECIAL PRICE table for the customer is updated capturing the item number, current price, price override, quantity, and date of occurrence.

Price Memorization Features:

  • At Order Entry, a popup box displays asking the following questions: (1) do you want to use this price upon the next purchase for this item for this customer and (2) an expiration date for when the new price would revert back to the original price.
  • The user has access to a SPECIAL PRICE table for each customer in order to view complete history or price overrides.
  • Price Memorization is an Optional Switch
  • The Special Price Table is editable by User

According to a Grant Thornton study, the average *SGA% for a distributor is 17.8% and having a dedicated ERP system reduces SGA% by 3.6%. A company using Centerprism software reduces administration costs by an estimated $3,600 for every $100,000 of revenue.

*SGA% is the number of administrative costs for every dollar of revenue produced.

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