Centerprism offers a variety of ERP solutions to resolve your business needs, built for the distribution industry.

Centerprism Order Management Solution ERP


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) should not just be for your sales team, it should encompass your entire organization. The Centerprism CRM module offers contact management tools beyond sales & marketing management by extending this functionality to other business areas such as: Field Service, Shipping, Warehouse, Customer Service, A/R Collection, and Purchasing & Vendor management. More importantly, Centerprism’s CRM is the only full-featured CRM that is fully integrated to the ERP system. This is accomplished WITHOUT any data migration or configuration. Finally, PrismView technology is leveraged so that managers can see a 360 degree view of customer, employee, or vendor activity which shows every touch from each team member of every department. As a result, you have a complete picture of all types of activity in one place. Communication will be more unified and decision-making more collaborative leading to the better management of your organization.

Centerprism Order Management Solution ERP

Order Management

Our Order Management solutions through the Centerprism ERP includes eCommerce, order entry, and warehouse management. To increase your company’s profits you need a full-spectrum ERP with all of your critical information and analysis at your fingertips. Allow your team to optimize their workflow and make better decisions with our solutions.

Centerprism Sales Management Solution ERP

Sales Management

Centerprism is a comprehensive ERP solution for our customers throughout the distribution, rental supply, and consumer wholesale industries. We have a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, commissions, and AR Collections features.

Centerprism Mobility Solution ERP

E-Commerce Solutions

Centerprism fully addresses E-Commerce with a turn-key online store and customer portal that is fully integrated with other ERP modules such as Inventory, Customer, and Order Entry solutions. The mobile-friendly E-Commerce solution has a complete set of configuration tools to customize category pages, landing pages or build banners or add graphics to the landing page.

Centerprism Inventory Management Solution ERP

Inventory Management

The features included in our Inventory Management solution include forecasting, catalog management, kits and assemblies, and alternates and equivalents. Our solution is comprehensive which allows your business to easily accommodate your company and customer’s real-time needs.

Centerprism Pricing Management Solution ERP

Pricing Management

Promotional campaigns, vendor cost updating, rebates, contract management, and price memorization are all included features of our pricing management solutions. These critical pricing management features are a must have for any Microsoft Dynamics GP user or industrial distribution company.

Centerprism Mobility Solution ERP


Centerprism features an Instant Native Mobile App, Mobile Key Advisor, Mobile Customer Experience, and Mobile Intelligent Push for all of our customers and yours. Run your business and contact your customers from anywhere you are and anywhere they are in the world. Having a mobile business keeps you moving forward.

Centerprism Mobility Solution ERP

Financial Management

Centerprism helps address the critical financial management operations of your company that you need to be more profitable year-over-year. We cover operations with PrismView™ and PrismSummaries™, reporting with Report Wizard and custom web report portals, analysis using FieldChooser™ and GroupBy™, and allows you to set up critical notifications with our alerts feature.

Centerprism Mobility Solution ERP

Purchasing Management

Centerprism Purchasing Management allows the distributor to maintain sufficient item quantities to meet customer demand yet eliminate overstock, and optimize purchase procedures to reduce vendors’ costs. Additionally, the PrismReq™ purchasing requisition solutions tool allows users to take advantage of vendor discounts and special offers by building a shopping list that alerts the user of when the best time to buy will be.

Centerprism Mobility Solution ERP

Field Service

Centerprism fully addresses Field Service Management with a turn-key scheduling, dispatch, and work order entry system that is tied to custom service agreements that manage customer equipment. All activity can be viewed with general Order Entry transactions. The Centerprism advantage is that the Field Service module is fully integrated with Customer, Inventory, Vendor, CRM, and Financial modules allowing 360-degree reporting.

Centerprism Mobility Solution ERP


PrismView™ is a high performance, scalable data grid tool that allows the user to rapidly display and edit flat, tabular information. Its rich features to sort, move, filter, and template data. PrismView™ requires no configuration nor additional database, and it directly connects to the GP database. Because PrismView™ offers superior multi-hierarchical grouping, field-column editing, and summary calculations, financial analysis is taken to a new level. 

Centerprism Mobility Solution ERP

Payroll Tax Variance Management

Centerprism’s Payroll Tax Variance module enables payroll staff to prevent, find, and resolve configuration, wage and tax variances in Dynamics GP. Check the Pristashboard to uncover any configuration variances before processing payroll. Use PrismView™ to confirm the “Build/Calc” results prior to posting payroll or use it to uncover previous variances in check history and the accumulator tables. Run the PrismEdit™ tool to synchronize tax flags on pay, deduction, and benefit cards to their corresponding setup records or to update check history for missing state tax, SUTA, or worker’s

Centerprism Mobility Solution ERP

Retail Point-of-Sale

Centerprism’s POS improves sales by suggesting complementary items, displaying quick access to stacked ranked customer item history, and integrating with a Web store and online portal.  The Centerprism CRM solutions collect critical information and tracks notes and activities to help drive new business or create marketing campaigns.  Centerprism’s pricing campaign solution gives the user the ability to create unique promotions to drive sales. Centerprism’s inventory replenishment tool leverages POS history along with product ranking, out-of-stock alerts, and best seller trends.  Centerprism is an all-in-one ERP application that offers Order Entry, Sales, CRM, Inventory, Pricing, Purchasing, Warehouse Management, Field service and Financial modules along with an integrated eCommerce and Mobility solution.

Centerprism Mobility Solution ERP

Warehouse Management

As a comprehensive ERP solution, Centerprism offers a fully integrated Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) that streamlines warehouse operation by utilizing mobile technology to automate such things as physical inventory, receiving and order fulfillment. Centerprism supports advanced mobile devices that offer bi-directional scanning and touch screen interfaces. Centerprism is an all-in-one ERP application that offers Order Entry, Sales, CRM, Inventory, Pricing, Purchasing, Retail Point-of-Sale, Field service, and Financial modules along with an integrated eCommerce and Mobility solution. 

Centerprism Mobility Solution ERP


As a full Spectrum ERP solution, Centerprism addresses manufacturing with a straight-forward, easy-to-use, customization discrete manufacturing solution  for small business. Centerprism Manufacturing comes complete with all the tools you need to manage, track, and monitor a complete production process from raw materials to finished products. The main features of this module include: Work in Progress (WIP) Quality Mnagement, Create Customer Porduction Stages, Planning & Scheduling Management, full Build-of-Materials (BOM) Product Monitoring, and Improved delivery of Finished Goods. Centerprism Manufacturing is fully integrated to a suite of ERP modules to support your production process including Inventory Management Purchasing & Vendor Management, Wireless Warehouse, Order Entry, Field Service, Mobility, and a full suite of financial modules including A/R, A/P, G/L, Bank Reconciliation, and Payroll built on Microsoft Dynamics GP, a world-class GAAP certified, SOX compliant double-entry financial solution. 

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