Retail Point-of-Sale

As a comprehensive ERP solution, Centerprism fully addresses Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) with a Mobile-ready, intuitive solution designed to improve the shopping experience and build customer loyalty.

Centerprism’s POS improves sales by suggesting complementary items, displaying quick access to stacked ranked customer item history, and integrating with a Web store and online portal.  The Centerprism CRM solutions collect critical information and tracks notes and activities to help drive new business or create marketing campaigns.  Centerprism’s pricing campaign solution gives the user the ability to create unique promotions to drive sales. Centerprism’s inventory replenishment tool leverages POS history along with product ranking, out-of-stock alerts, and best seller trends.  Centerprism is an all-in-one ERP application that offers Order Entry, Sales, CRM, Inventory, Pricing, Purchasing, Warehouse Management, Field service and Financial modules along with an integrated eCommerce and Mobility solution.

Advanced Mobile Interface

Centerprism supports virtually any mobile or on-premise device utilizing the latest web technology.  Additionally, customers can get delivery updates with text/email alerts or through the Customer Portal.

 Mobile Features:

  • Touchscreen
  • Intuitive Web Interface
  • Programmable Item/Category Buttons – add images to POS screen with categories for fast inventory lookup.
  • Barcode Ready with UPC Capture
  • PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing
  • Self Service Kiosk
  • Email & text Alerts – order shipping & delivery
  • E-commerce Integration – online order from the webstore are combined with in-house orders on customer portal.
  • Back office Order Entry

 Upsell & Promote

Improve sales through a variety of tools such as Suggestive Item Selling or easy visibility to best sellers.  Additionally, price promotions can be organized around a Campaign Management tool or a loyalty program.


  • Complimentary Items Suggested
  • Alternate or Equivalent Item popup
  • Price Campaign Management
  • Store Loyalty Programs
  • Best Seller List – Track & retrieve customer buying patterns using Interactive Sales Advisor.
  • Extended Item Information – Stock availability, warning, and purchasing.
  • Image attachments
  • Fluid Showroom management
  • Sales Commission tracking
  • Custom Item configurator


Integrated CRM

Centerprism’s full CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) module allows users to capture notes, schedule activities, or create opportunities.  A custom email campaign tool is included that has the ability to capture activity from website links.  Improve customer interaction by collecting more extensive data for marketing. 


  • Integrated with MS Outlook or Google calendar
  • Create Alerts for Activities or opportunities
  • Create Unlimited contacts per customer
  • Capture New customers or contacts at POS
  • Capture Notes at POS – build history
  • Extended data collection –birthdays, a source of lead, opportunity status, personal info
  • Build Email/Social Media campaigns
  • Integrated Collection Management Tool
  • Batch Invoice email tool
  • Integrated Field Service & Dispatch – build service tickets and assign technicians
  • Prospect Management
  • Manage Salesperson activity

Inventory & Purchasing Management

For Item Management, Centeprism supports a wide range of products types while offering the ability to link items together for suggested or alternative sales.  For Replenishment, Prism Forecaster™ allows our users to better predict stocking levels required to maintain appropriate services levels based on a variety of shopping patterns.  The Prism Purchasing Advisor™  manages weekly stock orders against vendors requirements ensuring you don’t miss out on special vendor discounts or promotions.


  • Out-of-Stock or Overstock Alerts
  • Best & Worst Seller Management
  • Inventory Turn & Profit analysis
  • Create customer stocking plans – based on product ranking, vendor requirements
  • Catalogs Database – multiple catalogs in addition to item records
  • Kits & Assemblies –
  • Order Point Calculation
  • Item Categories & Classes
  • Size Matrix Management
  • Image attachments
  • Mobile Warehouse Management


PrismView is a real-time screen viewing tool that uses advanced technology to present dynamic views of payroll data. Its flexible, easy-to-use navigation grid, GroupBy drag-in functionality, and instant access to data virtually eliminate the need to use Excel pivot tables, 3rd party analysis tools, or SmartLists.

  • PrismGroup – instant multi-hierarchal grouping
  • Field Chooser – drag and drop fields to add columns
  • PrismFilter – easily enhanced filtering, sorting, expanding, and drill downs.
  • Prism Summaries – mathematical calculations (sum, count, etc.) for instant display
  • PrismEdit – mass data edit

Centerprism delivers a low cost, fully integrated software package dedicated to reducing complexities for the small to mid-size distribution industry. Centerprism’s comprehensive software and service platform is the only ERP solution developed specifically to meet all the needs of the wholesale distributor. This all-in-one product replaces multiple software solutions often piece-mealed together to accomplish the same business objectives. Centerprism also offers a comprehensive payroll tax variance solution that prevents, identifies, & resolves configuration, wage, & tax variances

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