Centerprism ERP Partner Opportunity

A solution based on the feedback from our partners

This new software is a COMPLETE partners solution, covering all aspects of ERP from eCommerce and order entry to inventory and warehouse management, including CRM, pricing and sales management. The Centerprism package resolves the complexity of multiple ISV solutions currently required for a distribution clients’ operations.


Centerprism, in conjunction with several Microsoft partners, will be launching a COMPLETE OVERLAY software solution that will:

  • reduce the complexity of managing licensing
  • minimize costs
  • reduce the need for upgrades and 3rd party integration solutions

Sales and marketing campaigns focused on over 20 strategic industrial affiliations such as the NAED (National Association of Electrical Distributors) will target GP and non-GP users alike. Additionally, we plan to generate new business from many non-GP users through trade show attendance, social media, and marketing programs.


Be a part of the solution we’re creating by completing our Partner Input survey. We want to solve your company’s and your customers’ biggest challenges. We will listen and we want to help.

To maintain high-quality service with this huge growth in sales, Centerprism wishes to partner with key GP client service organizations who will take on the service and support role for these implementations. This will allow Centerprism to focus on our software sales while our partners establish lasting client relationships.

In addition to the revenues our partners receive for their consulting services, Centerprism offers competitive sales commissions for a lucrative win-win-win opportunity. Centerprism wins a software sale, you win a long-term client relationship, and your customer wins an effective and complete ERP solution that supports their exact needs.

We welcome feedback from our partners


The first step is to schedule a meeting and learn how the Centerprism solution works for your customer’s ERP needs as well as your bottom line.

If we’re a match…great! Centerprism provides a complete revenue plan with all the tools and operational support you need to generate meaningful revenue as a Centerprism Partner, including a Sales Engineer dedicated to helping you close deals.

Contact Us to Discover the Difference with a Complete ERP Solution

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