As a full Spectrum ERP Solution, Centerprism offers a fully integrated Wireless Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) to streamline warehouse operations by utilizing mobile technology to automate things such as physical inventory, receiving, and order fulfillment. Centerprism supports advanced mobile devices that offer bi-directional scanning and touch screen interfaces.

Centerprism is an all-in-one ERP application that offers Order Entry, Sales, CRM, Inventory, Pricing, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Retail Point-of-Sale, Field Service and Finanacial modules along with integreated E-Commerce and Mobility solutions.

Wireless Physical Inventory 

Centerprism PrismCount is a wireless Physical Inventory mobile app for stock counts. As items are scanned, stock quantities are instantly updated. Through a Stock Count Mobile Capture screen, all stock counting activity is tracked by a mobile device. If a barcode is not available, users can find an item using a lookup tool. Multiple barcodes can be stored for each item record and unique barcodes can be assigned to different units of measure. The PrismCount app is delivered with a Zebra scanner. 

  • PrismCount is compatible with Android or Apple mobile phones in addition to other POS smart scanners.
  • Generate custom UPC numbers.
  • Unlimited seperate catalog database are available.
  • Multiple counts can be managed simultaneously.
  • Integration to GP Stock Count Entry.
  • Create & Schedule custom Stock Count IDs.
  • Toggle between multiple Stock Count IDs.

Wireless Receiving

Centerprism’s PrismStock wireless receiving allows users to quickly check-in items to stock. The Receiving Mobile Capture screen tracks receiving by device. Mobile captured receipts are then uploaded to the Centerprism Receiving screen in the Inventory module for processing.

  • Auto order allocation.
  • Wave picking available.
  • Auto ship orders.
  • Tracks receiving activity by mobile device ID.
  • Integration to Receiving Entry Screen.
  • Receive multiple POs simultaneously.

Pick, Pack, & Ship

PrismPick Centerprism’s Wireless Pick, Pack, and Ship is part of a complete wireless warehouse order fulfillment process that supports Order Entry. Order Picking is performed using a mobile solution. Alerts are sent to internal teams and customers as orders are fulfilled. Batch invoices can be sent.  

  • Email and text alerts.
  • Integrated with Freight/shipping applications.
  • Automatic Back order allocation.
  • Multi-order picking.

Barcode Capture

Centerprism’s mobile warehouse solution includes Barcode Capture to allow barcode entry for newly received or entered items. The Barcode Capture solution uploads new barcodes to a UPC screen for each item record. The user can designate Bin location, UOM, and Location ID during the barcode capturing process.

  • Integrated into Wireless Warehouse Management Solution.
  • Supports multiple UOM for same item number.
  • Supports multiple Location IDs for same item number.

PrismView™ – PrismView  is a real-time screen viewing tool that uses advanved technology to present dynamic views of inventory and warehouse activity. Its flexible, easy-to-use navigation grid, GroupBy  drag-in functionality, and instant access to data of virtually eliminates the need to use Excel pivot tables, 3rd party analysis tools, or SmartLists.

  • PrismGroup™ – instant multi-hierarchical grouping.
  • Field Chooser  – drag and drop fields to add or delete columns.
  • PrismFilter  –  easy enhanced filtering, sorting, expanding, and drill downs.
  • Prism Summaries  –  mathematical calculations (sum, count, average) for instant display.
  • PrismEdit  – mass data edit.
  • Dynamic Drill Down  – PrismView  attributes are built into data drill down screens.

Centerprism delivers a low cost, fully integrated software package dedicated to reducing complexities for the small to midsize distribution industry. Centerprism’s comprehensive software and service platform is the only ERP solution developed specifically to meet all the needs of the wholesale distributor. This aII-in-one product replaces multiple software solutions often piece-mealed together to accomplish the same business objectives. Centerprism also offers a comprehensive payroll tax variance solution that prevents, identifies, & resolves configuration, wage, & tax variances. 

Contact us to discover the difference with a complete ERP solution built for the distribution Industry.

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