As a Full Spectrum ERP solution, Centerprism fully addresses the Sales Management needs of your business. By integrating your order-to-cash process and providing automation to reduce labor requirements, users significantly improve sales productivity. Centerprism provides easy access to product, pricing, and customer information for efficient sales engagement and better customer service.


Customer Portal | AR Receipts

Customer Portal: Let your customers manage their account directly through their own customer portal. The Centerprism Customer Portal provides a complete dashboard on sales activity. Customers can view best sellers, invoice history, print invoices, make payments, or update their account.

AR Cash Receipts: Streamline AR cash receipt entry by using Centerprism’s single screen AR Cash Receipts Entry. Match invoices to checks, print a bank deposit and post to GL all from the same screen. Entry CRM notes apply credits or debits as needed.

  • Simultaneous multi-customer cash receipts entry. 
  • Enter ‘prepaid’ or ‘unapplied’ payments at the same time matched cash transactions are entered.
  • Easy multi-field invoice search by customer to help find invoices to match to payments.
  • Auto apply payment function by customer.
  • Negative cash receipts entry.
  • Automatically attach invoice copies and/or statements to correspondence.
  • Accept check, credit card, or cash payments simultaneously.
  • On AR Cash Receipts screen, Deposit amount, Cash unapplied, & Check Total fields auto update to allow user ability to double-check work.
  • Automated AR: Remote Deposit will streamline your AR payment processing.



This functionality allows users to create custom commission plans to accommodate many different kinds of sales organizations. Commission plans are assigned to salespeople, sales teams, or entire organizations. Choose straight, tiered, or even vary commission rates by item, class, or category. Commissions can be calculated on virtually any metric desired, including only paid or all invoices. Additionally, commissions can be depreciated on the age of past due invoices. For example, a commission owed to a salesperson can automatically reduce as the invoice becomes further past due.

  • Have varying commission plans by individual salespeople such as straight percentage rate, tiered rate, or varying rate by item or item class
  • Set commission rates by sales dollars or the gross margin of items.
  • Establish split commission rates among team members.
  • Institute a sliding commission rate depreciation scale based on escalating past due invoice buckets. 
  • Pay commissions on paid invoices only.
  • See commission rates by item and/or by a salesperson at order entry.
  • Create sales goals, territories, and product spiffs.
  • Establish a ‘commission cost’ per item.

Automated A/R Collection 

This functionality allows users to manage past due invoices with a contact management database. Stores all client communications. Escalation alerts for faster resolution. Track past due invoices by a custom issue-type code. Quickly organize customers into a follow-up call list for payment solicitation or resolution.

  • Integrated CRM Database specific to collection efforts.
  • Assign pre-defined callback alerts based on invoice issue-type.
  • Assign collectors to customers.
  • From a single screen, see all activity, or list previous collection activity of past due invoices, customer credit information, and upcoming collection tasks.
  • Create a custom call list by collector based on specific or unique collection parameters.
  • Tag invoices to collection activity.
  • See a dynamic view of all collection activity.
  • Email multiple invoices with one mouse click.


Prism Configurator

Simplify sales of complex products with an automated, rules-based custom product configuration tool. Overcome long salesperson training times and streamline the ordering process with the Prism Configurator . In order entry, when selecting a custom product, the configurator walks the user through a step-by-step Q&A process which then auto selects an item in the catalog and places it on the order.

  • Build a unique set of rules for each item. 
  • Configurator ID can contain an unlimited set of questions with an unlimited set of responses.
  • Inventory items offered will change based on options selected.
  • Make unlimited configured products that can be added to the same order.
  • Navigate backward or forward to change configuration options during the product building process.
  • Assign tasks to a team member during the configuration process. Tasks are tracked in CRM, linked to the order, and alerts are sent.

Having a CRM built into your ERP system can mean up to a 34% improvement in fulfillment rates related to order processing labor efficiencies.

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