Sales Management Commissions

Commissions – This functionality allow user to create custom commission plans to accommodate many different kinds of sales organizations. Commission plans are assigned to sales people, sales teams, or sales organization and include such factors as commission % rate for an item sale, if a customer fully pays an invoice, depreciate on commissions paid for past due invoices, split commissions, sales goals, and special incentives.

Commissions Features

Have varying commission plans by individual salesperson such as straight percentage rate, tiered rate, or varying rate by item or item class

Set commission rates by sales or gross margin of item

Establish split commission rates among other team members

Calculate a sliding commission rate depreciation scale based on escalating past due amounts on invoices

Pay commissions only on paid invoices

Ability to see commission rates by item by salesperson at order entry

Establish sales goals, territories, and product spiffs

Sales Management ERP Solution

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