Inventory Management Kits and Assemblies

Kits and Assemblies – This functionality allows items to be combined into a unique inventory SKU to be sold as a single entity at order entry. Kits can be combined as they are sold at order entry or pre-made to stock. If premade to stock, component items’ quantity on hand of subtracted and QOH of kit or assembly SKU is increased.

Kits and Assemblies Features

Pricing for Kit or Assembly can be calculated as the sum of the component items or a price independent of component pricing or cost.

Labor and overhead costs can be added as component along with part items

Work Orders can be created in order to give instructions or how to build kits or assemblies.

A report can be created to determine how many kits or assemblies can be made based on the availability of component items.

Kits can include other kits and component items’ quantity required can differ among each other

At Order Entry, Kit components can be interchanged in order to satisfy customer requirements, pricing automatically recalculated.

At Order Entry, if a kit is entered more than once, the group of components will be color coded to differentiate from other like kit entries.

Kits are sold at order entry without being pre-assembled. Quantity on hand for components are adjusted at order entry. Assemblies are pre-assembled SKUs and, unlike kits, become a unique item with quantity on hand tracking. Assemblies must go through a disassemble process for component items’ quantity to be put back to stock.

More Features

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