Prime Power Services, Inc.

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Austell, GA

Electrical Power Services & Equipment

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GP (VBA code & various addons)

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Prime Power Services (PPS) is a sophisticated distribution and services operation that provides emergency electrical power equipment and generator maintenance services in the Southeastern US. PPS employs a team of inside and outside salespeople, engineers, contractors, field engineers, service technicians, and in-house services and administrative staff to provide dispatch and customer support. Prime’s target customers are hospitals, health care providers, utility and infrastructure providers, and other organizations who need critical power backup systems. Emergency power is generally provided through large self-sustaining power generators which require maintenance. Prime Power carries the parts and personnel to service these generators and a complimentary product offering that includes well-known brands in the on-site power maintenance business. Their Engineering staff comprise electrical and mechanical engineers who have more than 200 years of combined experience with more than 7 generator types and 13 different engine makes.

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Executive Summary
Prime Power Services is a family-owned business serving Georgia, Florida, North & South Carolina with top-of-the-line generators and emergency power service.


Like many Dynamics GP users, Prime Power (PPS) faced having to replace outdated custom code which would no longer be supported in the next GP upgrade. Additionally, Prime struggled with several add-on applications that either failed to perform or were no longer compatible with newer technology. These solutions, along with the enhancements continued to burden the company with unnecessary costs including, but not limited to monthly maintenance fees, required annual upgrades to ensure capability with GP, or consulting to make everything work together. Moreover, since most of this code was written in outdated languages such as dexterity or VBA, its inability to keep up with modern technology continued to be a burden. As an example, in recent years, Prime was unable to adapt to new tools such as an online credit card payment portal and mobile dispatch functionality.


The complexities of multiple GP add-ons

Another similarity about Prime Power with other GP users was their attempts to fill GP functionality gaps with add-ons that instead of solving problems creating additional challenges. Because each of these applications were supported by different vendors, Prime had to create an internal IT team to manage that additional burden of working with each vendor’s support team.  The integration among these solutions also had to be managed.  These included, but not limited to the following: Wennsoft (Key2Act) Field Service, Avalara AvaTax, Dynamics 365 CRM, Dealhub Quote Management, Professional Advantage Collection Management, EOne Smart Connect, and Binary Stream to name a few. Even with all of these solutions, there were still gaps that needed to be solved.  Plus, communication between all the add-ons continued to be a challenge. 

This complexity of maintaining this collection of IT solutions eventually exceeded the expertise of their GP partner, forcing prime to look for an inside GP consultant.

Replacing GP, NOT an option

Replacing GP was not considered given the company’s reliance on GP’s strong accounting system and the amount of time it took to put these financial controls in place.  This was a difficult process not to mention the large investment of re-training the Prime Power Team which can be summarized best by owner Addie Mathes, I would never want to go through a system change again”. 

Solution: Centerprism

Prime Power hired Centerprism in August 2022. Immediately, Centerprism provided resolutions to problems that add-on products, hired to do the same, could not resolve, even after one (1) year. The implementation of Centerprism was accomplished at the fraction of the time & cost of the other add-ons. Since Centerprism is an overlay to GP, no data migration or complex configuration is required (Centerprism respects the user security and preferences that have already been set up in GP). In addition, Centerprism uses modern .NET technology, integration to new modern solutions was available. Consulting time was saved and maintenance costs from non-functional add-ons were eliminated. Even better, Centerprism’s expansive set of features fill the functional gaps that were never filled while offering features that before were not imagine

The Full Spectrum ERP

PRIME POWER looked for a solution could also be a technology partner since their former GP partner did not have the expertise to solve their complex problems. A fundamental difference between Centerprism versus the others provides that support GP is the technology. Centerprism is built using modern technology and, for data views, interfaces directly with the SQL Server database making data calls faster and easier to navigate. Centerprism is a single source provider offering more than seventeen modules and has a Patented spreadsheet view called PrismView™ that makes Excel imports and SmartLists™ obsolete. Consequently, Centerprism was able to provide Prime Power functionality that wasn’t available with their current collection of software solutions. This includes Dynamics 365.

Centerprism Modules used by PRIME POWER

PrismView – Centerprism’s PrismView™ solution gave PRIME POWER the ability to do critical data analysis WITHOUT having to export to Excel.  PrismView™ combines the best of Excel and Smartlist™ while offering functional that just isn’t available in either.  The superior navigation provides the user the ability to group columns on the fly, drill down on data, drag & drop new fields, make quick calculations on columns presented, and provide easier filtering options.  There is a PrismView™ for every out-of-the-box Smartlist™ in GP and beyond.  Prime has been able to do analysis of data that just wasn’t possible with an Excel export such as year-to-year comparisons of sales, inventory, and financial data.

Collections & Receivables – Centerprism’s collection modules was able to solve Prime Power batch invoice emailing problem that Professional Advantage’s Collection Manager could not solve for over one year.  Additionally, Centerprism offered easier email attachment template creation for Statements, Invoices, Dunning letters that were further complicated by the integration of Wennsoft’s field service module.  Collection management of calls, notifications and alerts were other benefits that were used.

Sales Commissions Management – Prime Power has D365 CRM integrated with GP along with a DealHub quote management system making commission calculation complex.  Centerprism was able to resolve this while provide better Salesperson Commission reporting using PrismView™ navigation.  Centerprism offers a collection module that extends GP commission functionality.

Field Service – Prime Power operates GP with a full installation of Wennsoft Field service and Job Costs as well as the Mobile Tech solution for their field engineers.  However, there were still gaps.  Centerprism was able to resolve these gaps that includes, but are not limited to the following:  Service Call Status Activity -Resolution code tracking and management, Service Call Labor Cost mass assignment, Service Call batch emailing.  The PrismView™ navigation provides Prime with better views of Service Call activity with better filtering and grouping by such field differentiators like Service Call Type, Division, and other user-defined codes.

Inventory Control – Prime Power must manage an inventory of parts to support the generator service and maintenance.  Centerprism provided functionality to allow for better tracking of inventory transfers, stock status, and better availability to post status and options not available in either GP or Wennsoft.

Purchasing Management – Using PrismView™ navigation, Centerprism has helped Prime Power with better visibility of Purchase Order Activity at the item level by showing how service calls track Purchase Orders.  Additionally, Centerprism has a mass PO Receiving feature not available in GP.

Pricing Management – Centerprism has a Price/Cost utility that not only offers the ability to make mass price or cost updates, but also has a filtering tool that displays items where the stand cost falls below current cost.  This tool has been very beneficial as it enables them to make sure items are not sold BELOW desired margins.  This is an important tool in times of inflation which is very prevelant today.

Mobile Technology – Centerprism’s Mobile Tek mobile app provides the ability to do item management in the field which includes Item transfers, an import feature for Prime Power.

Return on Investment  

Prime Power saved thousands of dollars in custom programming & deployment costs which would have been required for their GP upgrade.  The support of Centerprism has saved thousands as well as given us a team of consultants for just a low monthly fee.  PrismView™ is not available anywhere; its value is priceless.

All-in-One Product – Centerprism provides a unique, single solution overlay to Dynamics GP/CRM that virtually eliminates the complexity of managing licensing, costs, upgrades, and integrating multiple software solutions piecemealed together to accomplish the same business objectives.