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A wholesale  distributor of tools  & fasteners since 1975.  Many of Douglas’ employees have been with them for fifteen years or more and is the “Go To” Industrial Supply House their region.

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Douglas is a 2nd generation family-owned business for service the upper New York area. A member of STAFDA and a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owed business.

“Centerprism provides excellent service and continues to enhance their solution with functionality to run our business better.  The software is easy to use and we are able to tailor it to our business. They are committed to our success. Overall, we are pleased to with Centerprism software and their team.”

Steve Douglas

Douglas Industrial Co.


Douglas looked for a technology partner who could provide functionality that wasn’t available with their current software, such as barcode scanning, wireless warehouse, and E-Commerce.  They also personal, hands-on support and to know that whatever solution they selected would be around for the long haul.  Yet, they didn’t want to go with a company that would not give them the attention that they needed to get everything working.  Moreover, their server and network environment had to be upgraded, but did not have an IT partner who could service them in upstate New York.

Additionally, Douglas need to implement a Web store that would be integrated to their new ERP system.

The Solution   

Douglas chose Centerprism built on Microsoft Dynamics GP because it offered a complete solution to solve all their technology needs including E-Commerce, sales & distribution, CRM, wireless warehouse management, and delivery.  An important selling point was the fact that Centerprism is built on Dynamics GP, a GAAP certified, SOX compliant solution used by 1000s of users in their state.  And becuase of the modern, easy-to-use interface of Centerprism, the implementation cost was very reasonable. Centerprism included CRM, Wireless Warehouse, and E-Commerce in addition to Order Entry, Inventory Control, Purchasing and a robust back office Financial system with GP.  All modules were integrated out-of-the box which saved money since a complex configuration would not be required.   

An Alternative to a SYSTEM REPLACEMENT  

Douglas evaluated several solutions including Epicor, NetSuite, Distribution One, InxSQL, but, selected Centerprism built on Dynamics GP as the best choice for taking their business to the next level.  

Centerprism Features: Douglas Benefits  

Webstore – Centerprism’s E-Commerce solution for Dynamics GP gave Douglas the ability to offer their customers a unique webstore with online portal so customers could view order status, & product and invoice history.

Order/Sales Management – Centerprism’s simple yet sophisticated Order Entry Screen allow users detailed view of sales item transaction history, buying patterns and inventory availability, and purchasing information all from one screen.

Inventory Control – Centerprism’s Purchasing Advisor is a complete stock replenishment tool designed to allow for customers’ unique customer service needs while accounting for vendor leads times, safety stocks, and item popularity.

Return on Investment  

We saved over thousands of dollars in custom programming & deployment costs which would have been required had the functions not been integrated. The wireless mobile app saved more than 40% of labor cost by removing our manual processes.

All-in-One Product – Centerprism provides a unique, single solution overlay to Dynamics GP/CRM that virtually eliminates the complexity of managing licensing, costs, upgrades, and integrating multiple software solutions piecemealed together to accomplish the same business objectives.

Wireless Warehouse – Centerprism ability to provide each delivery rep a mobile to manage their picking or orders and deliveries saves much time and improves customers satisfaction.  Additionally the mobile app ties into Google Maps allowing for quicker deliveries.

Mobile Technology – Centerprism has a tool to allow Douglas’ website to be easily converted to a native mobile app.  This allows for better SEO and easily communications with customers as custom Push notifications can be sent quickly.

Back Office Financials – Centerprism’s seamlessly connecting to Microsoft Dynamics GP which is a complete double-entry, GAAP certified, SOX compliant ERP solution with over 35,000 in North America.  Douglas now has access to a complete set of financials including A/R, A/P, G/L, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll and H/R.  Additionally, the staff of Centerprism provide expert consulting to help streamline their tailored accounting process.