Inventory Inefficiency


Centerprism’s Full Spectrum ERP


Two new customers now working with Full Spectrum ERP shows a 12% gain in productivity.

After our “20 Reasons on Why #MicrosoftCalledUs” webinar, Centerprism was able to gain meaningful insight regarding the different pain points its attendees discussed. Serving diverse clientele from a security distributor in the Northeast to a chemical distributor in Chicago, Centerprism identified similar pain points and offered a solution – A Full Spectrum ERP.

Pains from Inventory Inefficiency

Our security equipment distributor in the Northeast has been dealing with inefficiencies for a year. When they heard about Centerprism, they knew it was time to make a move and begin researching for growth. The wholesale distribution industry has a major part to play when keeping their paying customers satisfied and supplied. However, a particular business began to experience troubles with having high levels of non-moving inventory and not knowing what to buy. On top of that frustration, they were ordering the wrong items. With an understanding that such dysfunction would only bring unfavorable financials to the company, they began to research solutions to their broken ERP needs. That research led them to Centerprism. Joining other frustrated businesses stuck in what they assume to be a broken cycle of ERP dysfunction, the security equipment distributor began to identify other pain points such as the lack of having the proper software/processes to maintain Business Intelligence (BI). They also realized that they would need to incorporate a CRM into their business plan in order to help maintain their customer base and more. This company realized the true depth of failing to reach financial targets if they didn’t make a change soon. Here is what they took away from the webinar.

A Full Spectrum Transformation

With Inventory Management positioning itself to be a common pain for most of our webinar attendants, a more in-depth look at our Inventory Management package was highlighted. As a comprehensive ERP solution, Centerprism fully addresses Inventory Management operations with forecasting tools designed to allow you to streamline purchasing while increasing stock turns and service levels. Centerprism has broken its Inventory Management package down into four different categories: Alternatives & Equivalents, Catalogue Management, Forecasting, Kits & Assemblies. We will focus on forecasting due to the consistent pain by attendees.
Prism ForecasterTM: Centerprism was able to quickly identify a solution that would rectify most of the pain points our viewers were experiencing with forecasting. With Prism ForecasterTM, this replenishment tool allows our users to predict stocking levels required to maintain appropriate service levels based on factors such as sales history, vendor lead time, safety stock, item popularity, and customer buying patterns. Additional parameters are available with built-in models that can easily be deployed. Centerprism not only educated their viewers on a package that would solve their ERP pains and frustrations but has given them the key to obtaining true growth and order. The key to optimum inventory management is to strive to maintain low cost and high customer service. The just-in-time inventory management concept is the goal which is achieved by keeping only what stock you need each week to meet your customer’s demand. Additional features and packages were discussed in solving inefficiency problems with ERP/ Several participants saw that the software met their current and future needs and signed with Centerprism on the spot. With the certainty that converting to Centerprism’s Full Spectrum ERP would provide efficiency in their systems, the customers quickly realized the immediate savings by partnering with Centerprism rather than using multiple solutions from various other vendors.

Called to Service with a Plan of Action

Great Plains, now Microsoft Dynamics GP, was established in 1990 and purchased by Microsoft in 2000. With over 100,000 customers worldwide, GP and has undergone more than 11 major new releases as a result of Microsoft’s $7 Billion R&D budget. In its attempt to target 38 different industries, Microsoft Dynamics GP has many of the same problems presented by on-the-market ERP solutions today-a lot of breadth, but not a lot of depth which leads to costly customizations and complex add-on solutions. In those regards, Centerprism has found ourselves at the top of the chain as we are the only comprehensive package to convert a base Microsoft Dynamics GP platform into a Full Spectrum ERP. Just like your business, we grow and improve to meet the needs of modern industry requirements with one-of-a-kind functionality to easily accommodate inventory management, price tracking, mobility, cloud, eCommerce, and so much more. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today to see for yourself why #MicosoftCalledUs.

Learn the 20 reasons why #MicrosoftCalledUs by joining our 20-minute webinar.