Published 01/02/2018 at 3:00 pm

As a certified partner with Microsoft and part of the global network of Microsoft solution providers, Centerprism has developed a support function known as PrismCare™. Along with our current customers, PrismCare™ has been described as your ALL-IN-ONE service and support resource that includes: IT support; consulting; cloud; managed services; communications; servers. POS & warehouse gear offerings; and business services. With PrismCare™ it is just ONE CALL for your TOTAL SUPPORT anywhere in North America.

PrismCare™ Service & Support Breakdown

With our 24/7 US Support services, gain the resources to obtain Complete Care with any and all of your ERP needs. With Complete Care, you get:

  • Centerprism/Dynamics GP Software Help Desk
  • 3rd Party Applications (Office 365)
  • Managed Services/Network Support
  • Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance

Centerprism has helped establish a 100% guaranteed US call center response along with Immediate Dispatch and a Bundled Service.

Hardware: Along with an awesome support service, we have included top-of-the-line technology in order to help with your business processes. Such hardware includes Servers, workstations/tablets, barcode scanners, credit card terminals, point-of-sale gear and so much more. For more info on this PrismCare™ and its hardware, contact us.

Consulting: An exciting feature to our PrismCareTM solution is our consulting services. We have included three main areas to focus on which we will provide a brief overview on.

  1. Application Training: Centerprism uses a software implementation model called SURE STEP which is step-by-step, best practices approach to software installation, configuration, and training. Experience true appreciation knowing that every project stays on task and under budget with our SURE STEP practice which utilizes project management team, weekly status meetings, and customer sign-off documents.
  2. Discovery Engagements: Independent of software evaluation, clients may elect to engage with Centerprism to do a discovery engagement. Look at this as a consulting project designed to develop and present a TECHNOLOGY ROADMAP for a business or operation in order to determine how technology can solve specific goals and objectives. The TECHNOLOGY ROADMAP would be the deliverable provided upon conclusion.
  3. Executive Business Management: This consulting service includes accounting, sales, or other business management provided through our alliance partners. To get more information about our consulting services, tune into our “20/20 Webinar Why #MicrosoftCalledUs” or contact us now.

Cloud/IT Services: Some features and solutions that are provided with our Cloud/IT services range from Security Solutions, Azure Hosted Services, to Disaster Recovery and Custom Development. For more details on the different benefits of Cloud/IT Services, contact our software specialist.

Professional Services: We have said it many times over, and we will state it again: Don’t allow your business or yourself to function within dysfunction. If your software isn’t working the way you know it should, it’s time for a total change. Centerprism is here to show you what true change looks like with our Full Spectrum ERP. We have been providing businesses from small to mid-size with state-of-the-art managed information technology care and professional services at flexible prices. Our proven methodologies in professional services set us apart from all the rest. We can customize and professional service to fit the needs of your business. Dysfunction… You have been dismissed. Welcome, function.

We Work With You:

Think of having the right person at the right time, available for any request. Think about having an outside information technologies resource anytime at your fingertips to assist and support your technologies initiatives. We can serve as your virtual IT department, or complement your existing technical staff, to help you solve your technology challenges and reduce operating costs. Did we mention saving you from the headaches and frustrations as well? Our managed service offerings provide you with a predictable, business-focused, IT service that optimizes operations, aids in risk management, and delivers value to you.

Some Key Features of our Professional Services:

  • Sales & Revenue Strategies
  • Business Relocation
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Communications/Phone Systems
  • Financing
  • Electronic Document Management

Centerprism PrismCare™ is your ONE STOP SHOP for service & support. We deliver a low cost, fully integrated software dedicated to reducing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) complexities for the small to mid-size distribution industry. Centerprism’s comprehensive software and service platform is the only ERP solution developed specifically to meet all the needs of the wholesale distributor. This all-in-one product replaces multiple software solutions often piece-mealed together to accomplish the same business objectives.   In short, time to stop wasting time and money on dysfunctional systems. Centerprism has a Full Spectrum solution that we are confident will speed up productivity, overall growth for the company and save you money.

Contact us now or sign up to our “20/20 Webinar Why #MicrosoftCalledUs” and gain a true understanding of how Centerprism can and will revolutionize your business software and remove the daily frustrations you’re going through using your current systems.