2020/01/10 at 6:40 pm

Customer:                                       J. P. Bushnell Packing Supply Co.

Web Site:

St. Louis, MO

Industry:                                    Industrial Supplies

Former System:
DDI/Profit Tool

Customer Profile:
Premier belt, hose, fittings, pump, and sheet packing distributor in the mid-west. Since 1927, J.P. Bushnell represents some of the largest manufacturers in the world and is a Veteran Owned business.

Solution Highlights:

“Getting to information is way easier with Centerprism.  Order Entry is faster and the lookups are simple.”

Justin Sullivan

J. P. Bushnell Packing Supply Co.

By Executive Summary

J. P. Bushnell began in 1927 as an industrial pump and sheet packing distributor.   Since then, their product lines includes belts, fittings, vibration control, matting, expansion joints, gauges, hose reels and molded rubber products. Recent growth is strong. J.P. Bushnell needed a serious solution to grow.


J.P. Bushnell realized that their current system no longer would be supported by their current vendor. And the new upgrade offered by their vendor not offer a complete solution and seemed fragmented as some of their modules included add bolt-on solutions like E-Commerce.  As far as J.P. Bushnell’s current situation, their financials were not integrated with the Order and Inventory system causing a log of errors in financial reporting as well as added manual processes to keep information updated.  Additionally, the sales, ordering and marketing tools were antiquated and could not keep up with their growth. Their team wanted a robust solution with better inventory control and an easier way to build purchase orders that are tied to customer back orders.  Bushnell also needed to house items in a separate catalog that could be pulled into a purchase orders along with items from their warehouse.  And, on top of this, they were frustrated with their reports and the inability to make changes to them on their own.

Finally, they needed a payroll solution that was completely integrated to their financials.

The Solution

They chose Centerprism built on Microsoft Dynamics GP because it offered a complete solution to solve all their technology needs including Sales, CRM, Inventory, Pricing, Purchasing, Kits, Catalog, A/R, A/P, G/L, Payroll and Bank Reconciliation.

A key selling point the easy the navigation along with the PrismView excel-like analysis screens for each module.


J.P. Bushnell choose to leave their current vendor (DDI) based on the look and feel of Centerprism.  They had evaluated several other solutions including NetSuite.  They found these solutions limited in that some only offered a cloud solution, which meant costly, never-ending monthly payments.

Centerprism solved all the needs of J.P. Bushnell.  Moreover, their strong local support and hands-on approach to installation has been very satisfying.

Centerprism Features: J. P. Bushnell Benefits

Order Entry – Centerprism’s Order Entry solution has a powerful Interactive Sales Advisor that quickly shows best sellers for a customer and provides a worksheet for adding to a quote, order, or invoice.  The many information tabs allow extended pricing, purchasing, and inventory information all from one screen.

PrismReq PO tool – Centerprism’s PrismReq purchasing tool allows items to be easily added to a purchase order requisition that can be staged so that a PO is created at a time to maximize vendor discounts or free freight.

CRM Integration – Centerprism’s out-of-the-box add-on for Dynamics CRM enables J. P. Bushnell to tie custom CRM data fields directly to their Order Entry, Shipping, A/R Collection, and even Vendor and purchasing activities. Moreover, emails generated from the system are all date, time, and user stamped.

Sales & Distribution Management – Centerprism’s Sales & Distribution Management solution enables J.P. Bushnell management to track customer product order history against item stocking quantities in order to ensure proper service levels were maintained. Management also receives inventory purchase alerts that took into account vendor back orders and lead times.

Reporting & Sales Analysis – Centerprism provided J. P. Bushnell Management with out-of-the-box sales reports and a custom dashboard for tracking key performance indicators like profitability, sales trends, item movement, and other critical business information.

Back Office Financials – Centerprism seamlessly connects to Microsoft Dynamics GP which is a complete double-entry, GAAP certified SOX compliant ERP solution with over 35,000 customers in North America. In addition to having access to a complete set of financials including A/R, A/P, G/L, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll, J.P. Bushnell has a very robust H/R solution.

Return on Investment

“By reducing overhead by streamlining process and integrating their financials, labor cost is significantly reduced.” – J.P. Bushnell