Catalogue Management ERP Feature

Catalog Management – This Centerprism solution gives the User the ability to store items not typically stocked in the warehouse to a separate database for retrieval at order entry. Our Users can search the item catalog simultaneously with the regular item database. This is an ideal tool for keeping consistent pricing and item information for special order items.

Catalog Management Features

Ability to create multiple catalogs (example: catalogs by vendor)

Ability to move catalog items to regular item database.

Vendor price update management tool

Store many of the same key fields as in item record like cost, list price, margin, vendor information, UOM, multiple descriptions, and user-defined fields.

At Order Entry, system auto searches item catalog when item is not found in item database

In Order History Views, catalog items are flagged to differentiate for regular items

Order history analytics by customer is tracked to help determine if items should be ordered for warehouse.

More Features

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