inventory management erp solution

As a comprehensive ERP solution, Centerprism fully addresses Order Management operations with all
the critical information and analysis required to increase your profits. Using the Centerprism ERP, your business can easily accommodate order entry requirements while adapting to needs for eCommerce with real-time inventory and warehouse management capabilities. Your team members have immediate access to key details about customers, items, sales history and vendors, which allows them to make better decisions that optimize order work-flow and fulfillment.

Alternatives and Equivalents

Alternatives, Equivalents, Complimentary Parts and Cores gives user the ability to offer substitute items to a customer for a product item that is unavailable. Equivalent items are identical items offered by different vendors. Alternate items are similar items that serve the same function even though they may differ slightly in make or design.

Inventory Management Catalogue Management

Our Catalog Management solution gives the user the ability to store items not typically stocked in the warehouse to a separate database for retrieval at order entry. Our users can search the item catalog simultaneously with the regular item database. This is an ideal tool for keeping consistent pricing and item information for special order items.

inventory management forcasting tool

Inventory Replenishment and Forecasting is an item management tool that allows our Users to be able to predict stocking levels required to maintain appropriate service levels based on such factors as sales history, vendor lead time, safety stock, item popularity, and customer buying patterns. You can also add additional parameters as your company needs. The key to optimum inventory management is to strive to maintain high service levels (no out-of-stocks) while keeping inventory costs low. The concept of just-in-time inventory management accomplishes that by keeping only what stock you need each week to meet your customer’s changing demand.

Inventory Management Kits and Assemblies

Kits and Assemblies is a functionality that allows items to be combined into a unique inventory SKU to be sold as a single entity at order entry. Kits can be combined as they are sold at order entry or pre-made to stock. If pre-made to stock, component items’ quantity on hand of subtracted and QOH of kit or assembly SKU is increased.

A dedicated ERP system has proven to increase the average inventory turn ratio by 2.9x. A Grant Thornton study reports an average industry inventory turn of 4x annually, which means that Centerprism customers have the potential for a 62% increase in inventory turnover.

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